The world of Vakuridian is an ancient land that is ruled by forces that are out of that world. Civilization that rules it today is just small part of its history. It survived many changes to get to today’s shape and you as player will have a chance to explore it to great depths. Days and moths function here more different than in you world. The day lasts 12 hours and a year lasts for 100 of days. The month is also called avenmiona because in the night there are two moons called Aven and Miona. Avenmionas last 14 days except the last that lasts 30.

Curtenly in alpha version only one whole land Vastitera is available to play and only part of Amakona.


The holy land where civilization was born. In the right center of the land there is Mana lake which is only source of mana and magic in the whole world. It is a reason that whole civilization developed from simple minded ancestors to a fully developed civilization across almost whole map. Believed to be created from Mionas tears now it hides more than 2000 years old magic academy at the bottom with only a little visible peak. With only one main city Amakona it is the only peaceful land where battle between Bardokor and Thelamos is prohibited.

Even if city of Amakona was built to forget the past there are ruins of Qiramos civilization across the whole map with many evidence of ancient life.

In alpha version only a part of Amakona if available to explore


Once an unexplored peaceful land now is a place of eternal battle between two races. Every race has its own base that they have to defend in case of enemy attack. In the center there is Bowl that maintains a protective shield for civilians and weak that happen to be in the center of the battle. For the brave there are also a places to explore that give many opportunities.


In the epic battle where best clans of both races are at war, the winner clan gets to advance into the enemy territory with the future events. In those events most of the leaders have a quest to conquer enemy territory and are accompanied by Teidos, the first humans that consumed long vanished gods and achieved godhood themselves. Each of them has an underlying mission for entering the enemy territory but in the final battle to conquer the main city only the best clan will remain and its leader will have a chance to help Their Teidos to fulfill their quest. If they succeed their last mission will be to battle current Asteidus. If the player wins they will have all ingredients to do the ritual of Asteidus.

Lutuen is believed to be the lord of that dimension for as he controls the light without it there would be no world to see. As he decided to take away the light there came Aven and Miona in the absence of Lutuens light called night. On their own they try to shine the light but they shine brightest when Aven attacks Miona as she has been angry with her for millennia. All that anger makes Miona cry and as she does her tears fall in one lake called Mana lake.

People have discovered it and started to tackle with dimension of gods by this feat in start within normal range then they started to construct beings part from other dimension which made Lutuen angry for it could disturb the balance which could lead to disaster in both dimensions. As their creations started to emit great energy that could tear border between dimensions Lutuen destroyed them as much as he could.

What happened after is out of his reach but there were found some remains of his doing which people again discovered and consumed much to his disbelief.

Now these people walk with feats of something that even Lutuen doesn’t understand.
“Our history begins long before Lutuen decided to hide his sunlight, which gave birth to Aven and Miona who protect our people from the darkness every night. It begins in the age when people were of the same race called Qiramos. One day a man, an old man stumbled onto a magnificent site of a lake filled with a strange kind of water that was actually tears of Miona. You see Aven is very angry with Miona and every night she collides with her happiness which makes Miona very sad. Old man shared his discovery with people and it sparked revolution and a civilization flourished.“

It is still not understood enough but it is believed that there are two dimensions called realms. The one of our world and other of the gods. Realm of the gods even after thousands of years is still not very much understood. Mana is considered to be a connection between them two.

The sun Lutuen is considered to be the creator of everything and people mostly fear him because he is least understood of them all. When Lutuen disappears there comes the night and in the night two moons appear in the sky. They are called Aven and Miona which are considered to also fear of Lutuen but are on good nature because they light the world in the darkness.

Many years after civilization of Qiramos has been developed. There was a man that used magic in different but sinister way. He was freed from prison by a delusional ruler and given al resources to create a creature from the realm of the gods. But he created a monster that sucked life from the whole town and spread devastating winter. That was Barkodah. He could not be seen fully only felt for he seemed just like some big floating energy. The feeling of extreme cold and despair is what followed him. To communicate he entered into your head and implanted his thoughts that sounded like words.

To combat him people needed to develop an enemy to Barkodah. After many years when almost half of the population joined Barkodah to escape the devastating cold and transformed them to bardokors, they made it. With power of faith and prayer to one entity they summoned Tehelal. He was also called a faceless god because of his empty face. Hi looked like nothing from this world he was a big creature standing on two legs with no face and what seemed like eyes in his organic shoulder pads. People needed to pray for him to become stronger and also have faith in him in their minds.

When the great battle between two races and gods emerged, gods transformed into a two balls of light that got brighter and brighter which caused an explosion that devastated whole civilization. But in the end not one of the gods have returned. This event is called Lutuens taking because people believe that they had too much mingled with the realm of the gods and that got Lutuen angry.

Since then almost thousand years have passed and there came and age of Teidos which were mortals that that were given power of the gods by consuming something that was belived to be from the realm of the gods. Now fully developed race Thelamos have 3 Teidos Amoren, Lasaris and Psaroth. Bardokors have one main Teidos IRI that is was really considered a god and by his side there is Lisugoth. Liusgoth was once of thelamos race but when he died from unexplained that he was resurrected by his wife Amoren but came back as Bardokor and was banished from their kingdom and found solitude in Bardokors kingdom.

Last come the Asteidus which are mortals that were given ability of Gods from Teidos and which can be also taken by them.