When Miona cries
Mana drops from her eyes
Drink her tears to get the magic might
Summon a fireball and knock down a knight
Knight may carry the strength in his arms
But the power of your spells sounds the alarms

Mages are masters in handling the power of the Gods through the Mana. As Mana is considered to be a connection between realm of the world and realm of the gods by drinking mana everyone has ability to cast magic but few are able to do it effectively. Those who finish academy of magic receive a badge of Miona which makes them approved worldwide to be a mage. Those that don’t have a badge are considered untrustworthy because magic can also be uncontrolled.


Because of their orientation towards intellect and magic there is not much chance for strength to develop. So they wear mages robes that not only are light to carry but many of them also have magic powers which boost mages abilities.


Magic staves have ability to fire projectiles with elemental damage. Type of element depends of the type of gem that is imbued in the staff. As they are proficient in magic their skills are more stronger than staves but require a cast time and Mana but in return deal a great damage.