You are kissed by the skies
You can heal others when Miona cries
Pray for the damned
Enchant with your hand
Equip the robe like the mage
Smash your mace with rage

Priestess are a fighters that received a blessing from Thalor trinity which gives them a power to heal and bless others. Their way of using magic also requires mana but is used in different way for as they also use powers from the realms of the gods but as is believed with Lutuens permission. To become accepted priest you have to finish magic academy and have a great rank in Thalor temple. But most important is to have Lutuens permission to use divine powers, there are some that don’t receive permission their whole life and continue to live in false hope of becoming a priest. There are also exceptions to that rule because there are rare people that receive Lutuens permission without even going to school.


As Priests are fighters in nature they have more strength than rogues and mages which makes them able to carry robes with greater defense. But as mages robes they also can carry magic enchantments. There is also ability to carry small shield for greater defense.


With greater strength priest also have ability to equip heavy maces. As their main purpose is to heal others and temselves attacking is more in form of defense than to deal serious damage.