Strength in your arms could match that of the gods.
Your sword cuts to the bone
Your axe smashes through stone
Armor that you carry shines that even the King nods.

Warriors specialize in dealing and receiving heavy amounts of damage at the cost of being slower than others. They rely on strength, toughness and strong armor to advance in the battle. They are masters in close assault because of their proficiency in melee weapons like swords and axes. Because of their strength they are able to carry heavy shields which give them even more boost in armor.


As they are strong they can carry heavy armor which can withstand a great amount of damage. As novice they carry heavier leather but as they become stronger they become able to equip chainmail and plate armor.

To add to their tank abilities warriors can also carry a heavy shield that has a great protection against projectiles and other weapons.


Warrior has expertise in all melee weapons because of their proficiency in close combat. To sacrifice defense for more damage they are also able to carry two hand swords and axes which have slower attack speed.