Asteidus is massively online multiplayer role playing game where you can affect the virtual world. You play as a character in open world where you engage and grow with the story. First you choose between two distinct races and then you pick you class.

You start as a beginner and you grow by embarking on quests and slaying monsters.
To help you in your adventures you can team up with your friends and explore the world in company. If your group of followers is great enough you can build your own clan and become more recognized as you grow. By exploring you will find many items that you can bring with you to city and find some purpose for them by selling, crafting or enchanting. If you want to test your abilities you can challenge other players in PvP combat but game is not limited to only one player combat there will be many events where you take your clan to great battles between two races where you can archive glory. By striving for best rank you will get a chance to get features of a god by becoming Asteidus.