Before many hundreds of years they were the ones that couldn’t bear the winter that ultimate evil Barkodah reigned. He made their hearth and body built to endure the cold and become his army. After the great separation they sailed with ships to the east, where eternal winter dwells. Because of their body transformations it was harder to cast magic so they developed more towards blood and strength.

Their alphabet was developed to be written with nails because of their big claws they were unable to use pen.


  1. 1 History
  2. 2 Today


After Amakona Was built they sailed east to the cold land of Umerad where they built their city Lehtalor. With no religion or god to worship they started to worship their leader as the God. He had absolute power but Bardokors were very team oriented race. With their huge bodies and mana out of reach only strength was able to help them built their civilization. As it was all frozen land not much plants could survive but they were built to endure the cold and to require as little food as possible sometimes going for weeks without it but still staying strong. Some of few remaining magicians have discovered a way to cultivate fields with magic but that was only for the king and the upper class others were left to find food for themselves.


Their king is also a Teidos called IRI that is seated in main city. King is much respected and is considered a god. As his kingdom grew he built 3 towns and gave his sons control over them. On his side is also Teidos Liusgoth. He was born thelamos but after his wife Amoren resurrected him the unfortunate side effect was that he was transformed to Bardokor. Because of his new race he was banished from the land of Thelamos and found solitude in IRIs kingdom.

Capital city: Lehtalor

Built south east of Amakona across the sea it is one of the coldest places known to people. But as bardokors have immunity from cold they were able to build city even in the harshest climates.