They are true descendants of now ancient race Qiramos. Many years have passed and since then they evolved into more advanced looking races. Most of them still worship Tehelal but there are some that don’t believe in that religion anymore. As Tehelal was created by their prayer and belief most of them stayed loyal to him. Physically they can be strong as warriors but are more developed through intellect. In their kingdom to be most respected is to be of highest rank in magic, while warriors are considered to be more on the brute side. Their alphabet is derived from ancient algos used to write magic. As they became more proficient with ink their letter became more curvy and elegant.


  1. 1 History
  2. 2 Today


After the great separation they were left without their God Tehelal but continued to believe that he still lives somewhere and watches them. They wait for the time he would show up. Many have stopped believing in his existence. After building Amakona and separating from their ruined civilization and Bardokors, they started going north across great mountains where they were met with more welcoming climate. There they found a great lake in the valley and city was built around it called Estan. On the nearby hills they built a castle for the king to rule. After Teidos revealed their powers they also built a floating city above the lake to resemble Elu Thalor and in honor to that city was called Elu Estan.


Many have changed through years and now thelamos are still rulled by one king. But they also have 3 Tedios Amoren, Psaroth and Lasaris that don’t have power over their main town. They were banished from Elu Estan and also from the floating city that they created. Now they live imprisoned in their own town across the lands of thelamos.

Capital City: Elu Estan

Positioned south of Amakona, firstly built around the lake and growing from small fishing village to a great kingdom. As thelamos are more oriented towards magic and technology the town resembles that with magic guilds and great magic academy. Above the lake there floats a magic city on a piece of mountain. There dwell some of the best mages and priests as warriors and rogues also.