What is Asteidus?

Asteidus is massively multiplayer online role that focuses on story driven quests, a universe rich with a unique history and mythology a player can be part of with magical landscapes and player vs player combat opportunities.


The development of civilization that is known today is result of thousands years of history. Unique religion and hierarchy of gods that is written in mythology far older than civilization. The world also follows its own time that is not similar to one of the Earths.
Civilization also developed calendar with unique days, months and even holydays. Player also has an impact on history and mythology as he a chance to become Asteidus.


Asteidus is a mortal that has powers and features of a god, Every player has a chance to become Asteidus. The Largest rank that player can achieve is to become Asteidus.


In the epic battle where best clans of both races are at war, the winner clan gets to advance into the enemy territory with the future events. In those events most of the leaders have a quest to conquer enemy territory and are accompanied by Teidos, the first humans that consumed long vanished gods and achieved godhood themselves. Each of them has an underlying mission for entering the enemy territory but in the final battle to conquer the main city only the best clan will remain and its leader will have a chance to help Their Teidos to fulfill their quest. If they succeed their last mission will be to battle current Asteidus. If the player wins they will have all ingredients to do the ritual of Asteidus.


You as a player have a chance to choose between two races and four classes which will significantly impact your game. You start as a beginner with low strength and skills. As you start to follow the story and progress you become stronger and more skilled. You will accomplish quests that follow a story which will introduce you to the world.


As this is an online video game you are not alone in this world you will be able to see and interact with other players. You will have a chance to team up with your friends which can help you with your quests. If you team grows big enough you can start a clan that can also progress and even have its own symbol. But world is not filled with only friends there are also enemies. As there are two races that are in war you will participate in combat against them. There will also be great battles and events for you to participate.