Choosing Your Class


  1. 1 Warrior
  2. 2 Rogue
  3. 3 Mage
  4. 4 Priest


Warriors are in some cultures praised and in some cultures considered just an unintelligent brute. They are class that use close combat and rely on their strength and thick skin. In PvP combat their heavy armor and if equipped big shield grants them a great deal of defense so they are able to withstand lots of damage. For novice players it is considered best class to begin.


Fast and calculated rogues rely on their dexterity, mobility and speed. With double blades they are able to attack with great speed. If you prefer to attack from distance their marksmanship allows to shot from bow and from a crossbow. They are also masters of sabotage with traps, poisons and stuns which gives them advantage in encounters.


In contrast to warriors mages rely on their intelligence and mastery in use of magic. By drinking Mionas tears they gain ability from the realm of the Gods but few are able to wield that power. That is why to become acknowledged mage you have to finish magic academy. Because of complexity of mage class it is considered to be chosen by more skilled players.


Blessed by Thalor triad they gained power of healing. Few can become priest because of many achievements that they have to make. They have more strength than mages and can wield melee weapons and heavier armor and still have magic abilities.